Wellness exams

Annual wellness exams are the best way to proactively care for your animal! A yearly visit from your veterinarian creates a lower incidence of unexpected costs associated with disease, and more manageable costs overall. The annual wellness exam includes a brief lameness evaluation, a look into the eyes, nose, and mouth, and listening to the heart, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the trained eyes and hands of the doctor provide a thorough “once-over” of the animal to identify any problems. Kanapaha Veterinary Service’s in-house laboratory also provides the opportunity for annual bloodwork to monitor any changes that may not be visible on exam.

Many common hard-to-see issues your veterinarian may help you identify and resolve include:

  • Subtle neurologic deficits
  • Cataract development
  • Risk of parasitic colic or inadequate gut motility
  • Underlying dental disease
  • Systemic disease

The most important reason for an annual wellness visit is to establish a baseline and a relationship with your doctor. In the case of an emergency, this relationship plays a crucial role in enabling the veterinarian to treat your animal in the most effective way possible because he knows how your animal looks, moves, and behaves under normal circumstances. Think of your annual wellness exam as an insurance investment in your animal’s health!