Digital Radiography

Our digital radiograph unit provides instantaneous high-quality images patient-side. Radiography is one of the most useful diagnostic tools in evaluating lamenesses and injury as we can observe bone shape, density, angles, and abnormalities. Images may be carefully adjusted for analysis, offering a clear picture of even the most minor orthopedic changes. Our portable unit takes the stress out of diagnostic imaging for your animal because they remain in the comfort of your barn! Images are stored electronically and copies on CD are available to you.


Ultrasound is a diagnostic modality in which sound waves are used to produce a digital image. These sound waves travel painlessly through the animal and provide data through these echoes illustrating distances, sizes, and shapes of internal structures. Commonly, ultrasound is utilized in reproduction as a crucial tool for determining the reproductive health and optimal breeding periods of patients. Prevention of twinning, monitoring fetal growth, and ensuring post-delivery recovery are important areas focused on as well.

KVS’s portable ultrasound unit can also be applied in the areas of sports medicine, radiography, internal medicine, and cardiology as it allows difficult interior structures to be visualized and monitored. Additionally, musculoskeletal injuries, post-surgical sites, and abnormalities may be studied to ensure optimum healing and resolution.


Our three-meter endoscope allows for complete evaluation of the upper and lower airways, esophagus, and stomach. This slender tube has a small camera at its tip, allowing the veterinarian to capture clear images of the internal structures as the scope travels down its path. Your animal will be mildly sedated, and most tolerate the entire procedure with little to no discomfort.

Endoscopy is a key element in diagnosing many abnormalities such as respiratory diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis or recurrent airway obstruction, exercise intolerance, chronic choke, gutteral pouch infection, and gastric ulcerations.